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Hop Spotlight


Azacca hops are an American hop variety known for their tropical and citrusy characteristics. They were first released in 2013 and have gained popularity among brewers for their unique flavor and aroma profiles.


  • Aroma: Azacca hops are renowned for their intense tropical fruit aromas. They exhibit strong notes of mango, pineapple, papaya, and other exotic fruits. The aroma is often described as juicy, vibrant, and reminiscent of citrus zest.
  • Flavor: When used for flavoring, Azacca hops deliver a burst of tropical fruit flavors accompanied by hints of grapefruit and pine. They have a pronounced sweetness that can be reminiscent of ripe mangoes or freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • Bitterness: Azacca hops contribute a moderate level of bitterness to beers. The co-humulone content is relatively low, resulting in a smoother bitterness compared to some other hop varieties.
  • Dual Purpose: Azacca hops are considered a dual-purpose hop, meaning they can be used for both bittering and aroma purposes. Their alpha acid content makes them suitable for adding bitterness to a beer, while their intense aroma makes them popular for late kettle additions, whirlpool hopping, and dry hopping.
  • Usage: Azacca hops work well in a variety of beer styles. They are particularly well-suited for hop-forward American ales, including IPAs, pale ales, and session ales. They can also complement wheat beers, saisons, and certain lagers.
  • Substitutes: If Azacca hops are not available, Cashmere hops can be used as substitutes. While these hops may have slightly different flavor profiles, they also offer tropical and citrusy characteristics that can provide a similar experience.
  • Availability: Azacca hops have gained popularity and are now widely available to brewers in pellet form.
  • When using Azacca hops, it’s recommended to experiment with different hopping techniques and combinations to fully explore their tropical flavors and aromas. Their vibrant character can contribute to creating unique and refreshing beers that showcase a tropical paradise in a glass.

Hop spotlight:

Name: Azacca Hops
Origin: United States
Alpha Acid Range: 13%-16%
Beta Acid Range: 4%-5.5%
Co-Humulone: 28%-30%

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